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AHOMKA COUTURE was founded in 2013 by a group of culturally educated men and women who have a strong connection with their native culture and strive access/ find with a desire for customized attire that adhere to their traditional norms.
Motto: Customizing Traditional Clothing Demands EXPERTS!!!
Product Name: AHOMKA COUTURE: Ahomka means customer satisfaction in Ghanaian language.
Product Description:
Our focus is to set up a business whereby we will customize and sell traditional clothing from all walks of life to customers in an RV door to door. Most of the clothes will be made on the spot, while the others will be customized and will be readily available to the consumers upon request.
Image of the product : see Design book
Target Market:
Our ideal customers will be adults who enjoy clothing from their native country and appreciate a custom fit. Ideally they are young professionals who live in the local area of Miami- Dade and Broward County respectively and are of native descent of African and Hispanic background and have a demand for custom tailored attire.They are single or married individuals, raising families with a household income ranging from $55,000-100,000 annually.
The descriptors we will use to determine our target market will be both geographic and demographic. We will base our target market on consumers and differentiate our market strategy based on age, race,ethnicity(demographics) and geographic location.
How will the market be segmented:
We will target two segments: Females and Males. In both of these segments customers who enjoy traditional worn clothing and they will range from the ages between 18-75+.
Target market strategy:
The target market strategy we will use is the m...

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Sales promotions (sales/flyers, price discounts, coupons)
Digital communications: social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).
Direct Channel - we will sell directly to ours consumers because we want face to face interaction with them.
AHOMKA COUTURE is dedicated to providing consumers with a traditional custom fit clothing from different cultures. We believe that with our marketing plan, we will enable our consumers to greatly increase their desire to wear such clothing, in turn increasing our sales revenue and market share. The pricing promotions and customized service will allow our consumer’s to purchase our product without ever having to leave the country. Our consumers will also appreciate the accessibility of obtaining our product/service and consider it beneficial with a successful execution of our marketing plan.
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