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Why have a Website?

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Why should organizations have a website?

• To supply Information

o To a Prospective Client

 Do Research on products/services before purchasing

 Product description and information

 Prices

 Reviews by third parties

 Client Portfolio (service Industry)

 Company History and background

 Terms and Conditions

o A Potential Investor

 Have a dedicated section for investors

 Keep it short and simple

 Use graphs and charts

 Ensure that executive summary and detailed business plan can be downloaded as word document or PDF format

o Future Staff Members

 Have a careers section

 Accept CV’s

 Tell interested parties more about the company

 List specific positions available

 Provide name and contact details of designated person (e-mail and telephone)

 Offer a “subscribe to newsletter” opportunity

o Information Seekers

 Could be a competition, students, consumers

 Be transparent

• As a Marketing Tool

o To Tell people interested about your USP

o Give them reasons why they should buy your products and not any other products

o Add online brochures, sound clips, games, and downloadable documents

o Great additional value from a linking and ranking point of view

o To ensure that your site is a marketing tool, you need to drive traffic

• To Sell

o A “call to action” – click here to book

o Have an action button leading to a “booking/enquiry form”

o Always guarantee a reply

o Offer special rates, discounts, rewards for internet business

o Make someone responsible for online enquiries

o Ensure all the contact details are on the website

o Design the website with specific markets in mind

o Tool for your sales force

• As a Communications Tool

o Online News

o Online Subscription

o Community building / Interest

o Online polls and Surveys

• The Six C’s to generate repeat traffic

o Content

o Currency

o Consistency

o Credibility

o Convenience

o Clarity

The AAA School of Advertising (

To supply Information

• To a prospective client

As a prospective client of the AAA, its website offers those who wish to enroll or simply seek out information that opportunity to do research on the service before purchasing. It gives the user a description of the courses available as well as information and prices regarding those particular courses. There is however no reviews by third parties or industry experts which would be helpful in forming a good impression of the AAA school of advertising.

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