Marketing intelligence 2.4

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2.4 Prepare a marketing research plan to obtain information in a given situation
A marketing research plan consists of two main elements: identify and anticipate customer requirements, and to design the planning of an appropriate marketing mix to meet these requirements. It also involves gathering and recording information about consumers, market, product, and the competition in an organised way. Marketing Mix, SWOT Analysis, PEST(LE) Analysis and Porters’ 5 Forces Analysis are very helpful business tools to determine a wide range of quantitative and qualitative information which can influence new product/service or the entry of the business to a new market. The information is then analysed and used to inform marketing decisions (Business case studies, 2014). Next, a marketing research plan on a new product of Thomson Holidays will be produced as a case study.

Thomson Holidays: The Marketing Research Plan
‘Thomson Couples’ – Only From Thomson
Background of Thomson Holiday:
Thomson Holidays are one of the UK’s largest tour operators. The company originally named ‘Thomson Tour Operator’ and renamed in 1997. It was founded from the union of three separate package holiday companies and the Britannia Airways airline in 1965. Thomson Holidays grew to become the market leader in the package holiday market in less than ten years. Thomson Holidays currently operates with approximately 30% of the UK package holiday market share which enhance the reputation to the already strong Thomson Holidays brand. Since 2000 Thomson Holidays has been part of the TUI AG Group (Holiday hypermarket, 2014).

The expansion of Thomson Holidays has led to the offer of a huge variety of holidays to destinations worldwide. Also, it is increasing the ...

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