Marketing With Online Platforms

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Introduction There are several of online platforms that can give businesses the enormous opportunity to engage potential customers. For instance, it is essential to have social media, this way, one doesn’t have to chase and annoy people with phone calls or direct mail. Continuing this further, in the late 2011 more than 1,000 businesses were surveyed on, “What is the top challenge in content marketing programs?” and this assessment showed that “producing engaging content” was the challenge. So, in order to make people come to you, then one must be able to create and publish good stuff. Nevertheless, if one wants people to share the content, then one has to earn the attention of the people by produce astonishing stuff. Moreover, this will attract individuals to you and even induce people to share that information or pictures with other people. Second, one can create an own website that has online content that people care about will drive a business such as videos and blog posts. (17) Third, companies can send emails about entertaining, valuable and customer focused information. To sum up, social media, creating your own website and sending emails are several ways that it can engage a person to respond in a positive manner. Social media; There are various means of communication however; the online means of communication is the most prevalent. Specifically social media, it only took less than three years for it to become the most popular activity on the Internet, it even supplanted pornography. They include websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Clearly then, smart businesses will attempt to use the top social media websites, so that they can involve countless persons to their webpage. Continuing this further, ... ... middle of paper ... ...ough electronic mail. As a final point, these some of the ways business owners can attract individuals to their companies. Works Cited (handley& chapman) content rules (qualam) sociolnomics
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