Marketing To The Millennials By Suzy Menkes

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In “Marketing to the Millennials” Suzy Menkes addresses the importance for luxury fashion brands to shift their marketing tactics with in the technology, particularly marketing to the Millennials. Menkes believes that these luxury brands would be unrecognized to the millennials if they do not market them in a way they will attract them. She recommends if these companies want to stay in competition or up float they would have to adjust to a different kind of target that is the millennials. While the increase of technology has been an increasing impact to the recent generation, companies should shift toward marketing in this fashion to stay in competition, Menkes target of consumers is misdirected. Menkes introduces us to these luxury brands in fashion by new…show more content…
Menkes attracts her audience by directing an important factor to increase profit by changing marketing skills. But her vocabulary distracts a potential person interested to this tactic. She tries to create a visual effect but is insufficient. She also makes several hasty generalization towards how she views the Millennial generation equally when she describe them to an “entitled generation”. And in several occasions Menkes realize on word choice in describing such as subtle, discrete, elegant and smart. Which in a way makes the companies feel appreciated and thinking that the author might be right. And she also use logos to show the percentage and ages of how every generation will be affected by these changes. Her tone is mostly excitement toward the presentation of this shift which could possibly influence the audience. But her diction and tone is also direct and persuasive giving her claim a sense of assertion. But she also stereotypes and make a non sequitur toward the Millennials when she makes assumptions that all Millennial will be interacting with this new plan of

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