Marketing Strategy Of Red Bull's Energy Drinks

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Red Bulls website sells a number of products besides there energy drinks. Red Bull sells team and event apparel, accessories, and Red Bull movies. It’s clear that Red Bull could market just about any product as long as that product lines up with the values of their target audience. Red Bull does not sell an energy drink they sell a lifestyle choice. This is what allows them to be so vestal in the market. Red Bull needs to continue to find new ways of reaching and create creative dialogue with its consumers. Red Bull is the industry leader throughout the world. Promotions and well targeted campaigns and sponsorship such as formula 1 helps to expand Red bull brand and increase consumer brand awareness. In Europe and the US. In 2003 it achieved…show more content…
Even though Red Bull is sold all over the world does not mean that the energy drink giant does not have its problems. Red Bull’s energy drink has been banned in a handful of countries due to concerns. In the European Union many of the countries still do not allow Red Bull to sell its energy drink inside its borders due to health concerns. Red Bull is still allowed to sponsor athletes and host events, but they cannot sell its main product to some countries. On July 15, 2008, France ended a 12-year ban on the energy drink, and allowed Red Bull to be sold (Tandy, 2008, para. 1). The French government was forced to legalize the drink because European Union regulations state that a product made or sold in other EU countries cannot be banned unless a health risk is proven. For twelve years prior, due to health authorities ' concerns about unknown consequences of the ingredient taurine, a chemical forbidden in several countries, Red Bull had been banned (Tandy, 2008, para. 4). As the political debate continues Red Bull could continue to lose market share for their target audience because of Political…show more content…
If Red bull was able to create a product that is naturally healthier but still gives that level of energy. It would allow Red Bull to reach to an even larger part of the market. Red bull social media is strong the company is constantly posting on all social media channels. Their greatest weakness is there user generated content. A majority of their content is about their athletes, events, or other Red Bull ideas, but not a lot of what is posted is uploaded from the customers that follow Red Bull and Purchase their products. Red Bull should encource their customers to post videos, pictures, ext. with the #My Red Bull. This will future show the lifestyle that Red Bull offers because normal people are apart of the Red Bull

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