Marketing Strategy Of Mcdonald's: Channel Strategy Option

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Channel strategy option
Specific product
For this product the McDonalds need to use sales promotion strategy. The reason for this is that is most likely product in McDonalds and that is also not very expensive so they just need to add this products with other and sell that into a deal product. McCamembert burger
This is the product which is liked by the all the European. The McDonalds is attracting the adults and as well as the children. They are giving this product with the in combos so that they can take this as lunch or breakfast.
Target market and objectives:
They are targeting all aged customers for these products because that’s not much costly everyone can buy that. It will increase the sale and as well as the profit. They
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Specific product
The product name is Mcflurry. This is liked by every customer they are having this as a desert. That is not too much expensive so everyone can afford this. They are doing promotion of this in TV ads, on internet and also on social media.
The other product is crusher’s in the McDonalds. That is just for the dollar one in the McDonalds. When they are giving advertisement for the other products through radio, television, leaflets they are encourage customer to upgrade their meal only with dollar one age get the chilled crusher.
Target market and objectives:
They are targeting those customers who like to eat flavored Mc Flurries. In summer season they are offering this with the combos so that every customer can enjoy the meal and chilled ice creams in summer season. For the crushers they are targeting children by providing crusher in much different taste so that they can increase their sale and as well as profit.
(McDonald 's
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But they are always keeping the beliefs and ethics in their mind before promoting any product in the market. They are also giving good quality of services and products to their consumer. While giving advertisements they are using cartoon or other logos to promote the products. They didn’t use any such type of picture or logos which hurt to any consumer either he are from any culture. While doing sales promotion they are also giving some veggie thing with the chicken burgers so that if their partner is vegetarian so he/she can enjoy something in the McDonalds. They are also promoting the games and also do promotion in games which is a good thing for every culture. They encourage consumers with their ads to join the games and also eat the healthy
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