Marketing Strategy Of Apple

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Apple was founded in 1976 by two partners named Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Since then Apple has been able to grow its business into one of the most influential company in the world. Apple Inc. is an American company that creates software, phones, computers and consumer electronic products as well. Some of the Apple products that people are aware of are the iPod, iPhone, Mac, and the recently new iPad. Apple currently has over 300 retail stores in about 10 countries around the world. Many people do not know this, but Apple also has many different computer software, such as Mac OS X operating system, Final Cut Studio, Logic Studio, iOS, which is a mobile operating system that hosts multiple apps for users and developers, and the famous iTunes.…show more content…
Instead of trying to make the presentation to advance the best way to sell something to the average consumer is make it as simple as possible. Apple’s core key marketing strategy is simplicity. They are very clever in advertising their product because they do not overwhelm the customer, but at the same time they keep the customer curious. This marketing strategy has helped Apple become the most powerful brand in the world. They do not try to sell you their consumer’s products, but instead they focus on selling their beliefs to their consumers. This strategy has been every effective and now more companies have started to adopt this type of marketing…show more content…
Also the company’s other initiatives to decrease its greenhouse gas emissions, and now Apple becoming a a leader in the environmental friendly production. Ultimately, this is going have a positive effect on apple in two different aspects. If apple invests decides to invest its capital expenditures in creating more ecofriendly infrastructure, this will have a positive effect on their financial statements because it will help Apple cut down on expenses in the long run. Also this will also have a positive reflection on the company’s corporate social responsibility which is becoming a major role player for a company’s

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