Marketing Strategy: Neutrogena´s Advertisement Campaign

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Neutrogena’s personal selling will have to be the marketing strategy that needs to be launched before the full advertisements are released in the different media. One strategy for the personal selling campaign would need to be promoted in selected cities with a large population that is located in the United Kingdom, which also can be acknowledged in other cities throughout that country. The determination for Neutrogena is to weigh in on the actual desires and necessities of the ultimate objective audience which is the middle- aged women, and emphasize its result more in the awareness of the more mature audience. “For Neutrogena, which is based in Los Angeles, the sale was also timely, as its management team is close to retirement”, Hofmeister, S., 1994. Through the personal selling products of Neutrogena, the company would be able to see the information that was gathered about the products effectiveness through the advertisements. Of course, it should be persistent for some time due to the promotion of advertisement campaign. An example for this, the salesmen would be able to follow and convey the data that has been gathered from the created format of the feedback form, the attention of awareness, their desires, summary, and etc. With this style of personal selling Neutrogena’s strategy has to formulate a plan to sell the product straight to the objective consumer and make them more conscious. That is if the marketing strategy is not yielding the anticipated outcome. “The marketing process involves the following steps: understanding consumers; creating customer values; building strong consumer relationships; creating marketing strategy; and capturing the value from consumers”, White, 2012. The way this works is the test mark...

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... maximum attention from each of the ratings.
Placing a photo as to how the light reflects and does not show any signs of wrinkles or aging would have to be revealed in an ad copy. This ad ought to have supporting information as to how the light could reveal that statement. The ad campaign would need to have available current research and statements to back this claim. There will need to be some quotes from reliable sources as to how the anti-oxidants and the water binding ingredients as well as the elements work together on the outer layer of your skin. The best advantage in this style of campaign would be to have qualified testing done by independent companies along with the comments from famous people that have to keep up their youthful appearance, which can prove the anti-aging contents in the product are exceptional to the promotion of looking younger.

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