Marketing Strategy In International Marketing

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International Marketing
This is the exporting, licensing and franchising or the full direct entry of one country into another country for business objectives. This is achieved by one country exporting other countries’ products into its own business environment; it can also enter on franchising terms or through licensing in the country of interest, or direct investment in the foreign country. Market mix development involves product promotion, product pricing and the product development and needs international marketing (Ball et al, 2006). This can be very simple as it would mean only an extension of the current market strategies in the parent country into the target country’s entire customization of the marketing mix. Marketing
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The 4Ps include Product, Price, Place/Distribution and Promotion. An example of a company whose International marketing strategies have thrived is Google with its wide range of Android products. Google Corporation ensures that its products are responsive to the customer’s needs. In addition, the product prices are relatively affordable, thus achieving customer satisfaction via the Pricing principle of…show more content…
The route a business takes will tell what results it gets. This therefore dictates that a thorough market survey and researches are conducted to minimize the errors that can cost the company its existence (Ketler 2007).

Failed international marketing strategies On the other hand, in the world of business failure is as popular as success. It cannot be left untouched when success is being preached. A company can fail for very many reasons. Again, marketing takes centre stage. Bad marketing strategies as opposed to good ones will bring about bad feedback (Czinkotta et al, 2007).
Over the years international marketing has not been that easy, it is not easy now neither. It takes a lot of trials to come up with good strategies that would market a company’s products abroad as customers mostly do not like trying products they have never come across (Ketler 2007).
a. Poor market
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