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Marketing Research 1) According to Consumer Reports the four main competitors of Bosch are: General Electric, Amana, Kenmore, and Whirlpool. 2) General Electric is the top seller in the refrigerator market with a market share of 33%. Following close behind is Whirlpool with 25% of the market. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis there was over $30 billion spent of kitchen appliances last year. 3) Refrigerators are one of the most universally used products in the world today. They bring a great deal of convinance to the home and are essential to live our everyday lives. Some of the major attributes consumers look for when purchasing a refrigerator are: an ice and water dispenser with the option of cubed or crushed ice, adjustable shelves, separate compartments for fresh vet gables and meats, a frost-free freezer, and temperature controls for both the freezer and refrigerator. 4) In looking at the four major competitors along with others in the market, all of the attributes listed above are present in mostly every brand of refrigerators. All of the attributes are available in the different models of the brands. Depending on how much you are willing to spend determines how many attributes the refrigerator will have. The more expensive the refrigerator usually reflects the number and quality of the attributes. 5) A) When purchasing a refrigerator today consumers look for those certain features listed above. The connivance of an icemaker and water dispenser is very important. It is a hassle to fill up ice trays every time a drink is made so the icemaker is needed feature for the convinance and time saved. Also with the health conscience attitude of the consumer today a water dispenser that is filtered can be a great commodity. Another important attribute is the adjustable shelves. This allows consumers to customize their refrigerator and fit the items they purchase most. It is a great convinance. A separate compartment for vegatebles and meats is also a nice feature. This along with the temperature control allows the consumer to keep their vegetables and meat fresher for a longer period of time, saving them money from less spoilage and also giving them taster foods. The temperature controls are also energy efficient. Consumers find this very attractive due to the high cost of electricity.

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