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Mr. Surya Foollee


The word count for the reflective report is 832 words, which is within the acceptable percentage of (+/-) 20% of 1000 words.

My name is Bello Abdulrahman Oyebode, a native of Ejigbo in Osun state Nigeria. I like talking, eating, cooking, dancing, listening to music (Fuji genre) and watching football matches (Arsenal fan). I was very happy to gain admission into Middlesex University to study International business, because from attender age I’ve been praying to God to make me one of the most successful businessman in my country with international ties. I want to have the knowledge and understanding of organizational structures, the external organizational environment and the principles of management. I also want to learn how to attract and retain customers and make profit through creating customer satisfaction and values by achieving the corporate goals set through the acquired knowledge by exceeding customer needs and over shadowing the competitions. At the completion of my time studying the course International Business, I intend to set myself up in the oil and gas sector where I strongly believe I will be able to implement all I have learnt in order to become a successful businessman in my country.
In the business environment today, companies are taking consumer social responsibilities (CSR) seriously and are getting positive responses as it has been shown to benefit the companies’ market position globally. Ethical principles reflect the cultural values of the society that guide what should be done in a particular situation. Ethical dilemma arrives from conflicts between the desire to increase profit and ...

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...g of customer needs and satisfaction with the help of corporate social responsibility and environmental ethics. All these skills will help in improving my marketing skills and also help in increasing the chances of gaining employment with reputable companies in order to gather the required work experience needed to undertake growing my business venture.
In conclusion, I intend to use the knowledge acquired during the course of my learning experience at Middlesex to improve myself as a person who when done with my degree doesn’t just join the rat race like every other graduate out there, but I want to be able to create job opportunities for others and build a lasting organization that would not only help in improving the lifestyle of people but also help in reducing the rate of unemployment within my country with the intent of increasing globally on a large scale.
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