Marketing Plan For The New Zealand Sport Shoes Industry

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1. INTRODUCTION Step Up is a new entrant to the New Zealand sport shoes industry. This company has been charged with generating a new a woman’s running shoes into the sport shoes marketplace, which will be called “S4U”. It is essential to gain markets in depth understanding so as to assure our marketing plan is successful for this new brand. Therefore, this report aims to develop an in-depth understanding of consumer within the selected target market. A detail profile of the customer including decision-making, motivations, personality, attitudes, reference group and age are the central focus of this report. Consequently, recommendation have been draw out in consistent with marketing mix. On the other hand, in order to keep confidential information about consumer, she will be called “T” throughout the report. 2. RECOMMENDATION 2.1. Product To successfully launch S4U, Step Up needs to provide certain attributes to satisfy the target market need and want. From that point, stability is the most important attributes for a running shoe. Since Nike and Adidas are doing well in this feature. Thereby, Step Up must first perfectly succeed in producing stable shoes and then add new attributes which is lightweight and reusable materials. By providing those new attributes, using S4U will bring a sense of environmental friendliness to customers and therefore will enhance their social image. Moreover, using lightweight material will satisfy them utilitarian need by supporting consumers’ feet and improve their speed. On the other hand, T mentioned that the brand name on the shoes easily faded away. Therefore, Step Up should be careful in producing quality brand name printed on the shoes. Besides, since Step Up market is Gen Y who is young, confid... ... middle of paper ... ...t-purchase customer service, customer loyalty could be enhanced. Therefore, a relationship marketing would be an ideal program. Follow-up email, purchase points can be exerted to engage customers. They can feel enthusiastic about repurchasing the product if after a certain time of buying products from Step Up, they can get a reward. 2.4. Place Step Up’s retail stores should be placed at the center of the city and high traffic positions such as shopping mall or popular streets in customer’s perception. However, other competitors are using the same strategy. Thus, Step Up must differentiate itself by having an outstanding retail theme created in consistence with brand personality to gain competitive advantage. It is recommended that Step Up should use the theme with successful people images so as to provide consumers a sense of social recognition and self-fulfillment.

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