Marketing Plan For Pizza

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Sales and Marketing Plan Student’s Name Institution Sales and Marketing Plan Introduction The business at hand is that of the sale of Pizza. It is hence in the industry of the fast food and hence its context is defined by the fast food industry. Pizza is a developing product that has gained much popularity among all walks of life but mostly among the youths. Pizza, being a food product, is perishable within a short period after production. The marketing plan is hence aimed at ensuring that the business attains a huge market that will ensure a smooth selling process of the Pizza (Manning, et al. 2015). The marketing plan entails the procedures and strategies that are fit for the organization to use to boost its sales and win customer loyalty. Marketing message The marketing message will assume the following outline. Welcome to the fast food producing company that understands our customers every need. As always, the customer has always and will always be our priority. The customer is our king. Our company produces and supplies pizzas that leave the customer with a finger licking experience. The pizzas are available at all our branches and the customer can feel free to shop at any of our outlets. Our service is based on a twenty four hour system to cater for the different types of customers who work at different times of the day. Our prices are well affordable as we value the customers’ money. Our employees are well trained and informed on the best customer service provision techniques. Buy cheaply and eat expensively. Come one come all and experience our classic Pizzas. It is an experience like no other. Marketing Strategy The marketing strategy will define the overall goals that are intended by the business. It defines ... ... middle of paper ... ...e will enhance preparedness in the undertakings and hence success in the future is enhanced. References Arnett, D. B., & Wittmann, C. M. (2014). Improving marketing success: The role of tacit knowledge exchange between sales and marketing. Journal of Business Research, 67(3), 324-331. Manning, G. L., Ahearne, M., Reece, B., & MacKenzie, H. H. (2015). Selling today: Creating customer value. Pearson Canada. Mantrala, L. K., & Raman, K. (1990). Analysis of a sales force incentive plan for accurate sales forecasting and performance. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 7(2), 189-202. Mullin, B. J., Hardy, S., & Sutton, W. (2014). Sport Marketing 4th Edition. Human Kinetics. Westwood, J. (2013). How to write a marketing plan. Kogan Page Publishers. White, L. (2013). Photography Business Secrets: The Savvy Photographer's Guide to Sales, Marketing, and More.
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