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 Different lifestyle trends  Rising fuel amount 5.0 Product Offering Slice Bakery & Café describes a number of scrumptious baked goods below. 5.1.1 Product/Service Description Slice Bakery & Café offers several tasty, natural wholesome baked sweets, such as croissants, muffins, cakes, cupcakes, donuts, and pies in a fast, dinnertime bakery and café that is nearby in a metropolitan area with a great staffs surrounded with excellent customer service and friendly environment. Shoppers can buy sweets by dine-in or take out. 5.1.2 Product/Service Design  Cakes menu is a variety of flavors, such classic white, vanilla, chocolate, etc. Frostings come in a combination of icings like whipped crème cheese with fresh strawberry topping, lemon crème cheese, savory crème cheese, etc.  Wholesale baked goods menu is great quality pies, cupcakes, donuts and special goods offered as sweets during the day.  Brunch pastry selection is tasty fresh baked croissants, Danish, and muffins.  Beverages option is bottled water, natural flavored water, blended lemonade and tea, etc. Slice Bakery & Café goods will be baked fresh daily on-site. The managerial duty is bank deposits, purchase supplies, and inventory count. Four regular employees will work daily in the bakery and café and four employees will work during our dinnertime rush. 5.1.3 Trademarks and Patents Slice Bakery & Café opted not to copyright any of its official recipes. To copyright the methods will reveal all secrets to our rivals, present and future. 5.3.1 Existing Trademarks During the process of our business creation, Slice Bakery & Café had the precaution to set up trademarks protection for Slice Bakery & Café. The trademark is held by creator Gloria Hugh, an... ... middle of paper ... ... goods in the market has tripled within the past two years. Due to Slice Bakery & Café’s secondary market, our growth is not likely to decline. 6.2.3 Target Market Description Slice Bakery & Café is increasing our consumer base as another bakery and café service areas continue to hurt. Each customer is presently eager to expend enough and demand great value for each shopper’s money. The greatest promising part of wholesale baking is cakes. One specific baked good has increased while the economy recover, and this product is wedding cakes for the age group of 21 to 43 years old. 7.0 Mission Slice Bakery & Café is dedicated to supplying the utmost value to our consumers through focusing and presenting healthy and wholesome baked goods that surpass our patron’s needs and expectations as promising that my superior ingredients will be equal to our quality.

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