Marketing Orientation Definition

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Marketing: “The activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

My Definition of Marketing:
Marketing is a way of expressing the wants and needs of customers. For an example, if you are trying to sell a product, not only do you need to use your own style/making but you are also focusing on the target market in which it is applying to. It is about creating a certain relationship with people that is not only giving the customer what they want, but showing that you have an actual interests towards them and that there is a reasoning behind why you are selling a particular item.

One essential
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This means even if these products are not what customers want. So when you are talking about this kind of method, some will say well even if a product is not made towards customers needs, marketers are the ones that will attract people to make them want the product.
Sales Orientation:
A sales orientated business entails on selling products so that the more a product is emphasized, the greater the income will be. What is important to consider with this kind of organizational focus is that you can only go so far with marketing since there is a limit to what customers want/need. So these companies in general find it most important to promote a product and sell it to make income. 3. Market Orientation:
This type of business is one that believes marketing (or how the product is being sold/advertised) is the most beneficial piece. In other words, it is all about what the customer wants and how they evaluate products. Firms like these recognize that in order to understand and beat the competition, you need to know everything about the customer. 4. Societal Marketing
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To put this in perspective, if the product is what the customer wants but when it arrives at their doorstep and it is not what they expected, they will not want to buy from that supplier again.
The price must match with the product that is desired. This is called customer value. Their has to be a fair trade between the two when selling a product. A product can not be over-priced for a cheap item and can not be low-priced for a higher quality item. There has to be a balance.
Being known for the “name” of a business is a lot more beneficial than being known for a single product. This inquires that their must be a form of trust between the organization and the customer. Trust is formed by having a long term relationship by using employers to sell, advertise, and update continuously. Building relationships involve dedication. The customer has to be able to know the difference.
Some companies let you create your own items. For an example, Walmart lets you put a picture on a puzzle. Not only are you getting the puzzle, but you are adding the picture which is worth sentimental value. This is one way of showing that you care about customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is one of the most essential pieces. Businesses are in charge of keeping a promise that they will fulfil what the customer
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