Marketing Of The Tobacco Industry

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During the New Era to the Great Depression, mass advertising propelled fundamental changes throughout society and fueled the nation’s economic prosperity. Advertisements in the 1920s from businesses who promoted their products at the time would, “appeal to the consumer’s anxieties and personal needs” (Page 629). Material goods, such as cigarettes attracted the American dream and culture. Cigarettes promised to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of many Americans. Marketing of the tobacco industry was one of the most negative influences on American culture during the twentieth century. The propaganda used to sell cigarettes negatively affected society because it was unknowingly a pollutant and a harmful product to many Americans. On page 629 in our textbook, there is a section called, “Advertising in a Consumer Age.” In the 1920s, billions of cigarettes were smoked by millions of Americans. One of the top-selling cigarette brands at the time was called, “Lucky Strike” cigarettes. In the advertisement, it depicts a woman in a bathing suit and used a quoted slogan, “When tempted to over-indulge reach for a Lucky instead.” During this era, cigarettes were being advertised to promise, “instant maturity, sophistication, and worldliness.” They also described the cigarettes to be, “toasted” and that, “physicians say that Luckies are less irritating to your throat.” This was most definitely a negative influence of the twentieth century because Americans were probably not aware of how much pollution they created around the city and in their homes. Americans were convinced from the cigarette advertisements because they ensured positive health claims. As we know today, smoking is the leading cause of preventable death. Going further into... ... middle of paper ... ...Documenting the American Promise, page 842). Even an army veteran and policeman named Charles Cochrane Jr. reacted in the same document, “We gays are loathed by some, pitied by others, and misunderstood by most. We are not cruel, wicked, cursed, sick, or possessed by demons. We are artists, business people, police offers, and clergymen . . . we are loving human beings who are in some ways different . . .” The Gay Rights Movement among many others faced incredible challenges and simply demanded equal acceptance. The movement definitely had a lasting effect on the United States because many changes occurred to protect their rights. In 1982, many cities banned employment discrimination. In addition, health insurance and other benefits were offered to same-sex partners by governments and corporations. Today, we now have more people than ever who support the LGBT community
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