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INTRODUCTION Before discussing about the marketing mix i would like to explain the meaning of market and marketing in brief. MARKET - According to prof. chipman market is not necessarily to a place but always to buyers and sellers who are in direct contact with one another. MARKETING - Marketing is a process of identifying the needs of consumers , manufacturing the products according to their needs and wants and then distributing the products to the consumers where they want and when they want. Thereby creating the place and time utility. Marketing starts before the product is manufactured and continues even after sales, in the form of after sales services. MARKETING MIX Marketing mix basically refers to the 4 elements which are called the 4P 's of marketing. They are:- PRODUCT MIX PRICE MIX PLACE MIX PROMOTION MIX Now i would be discussing all of these elements. PRODUCT MIX Product refers to a combination of various features relating to the product or service to be offered for sale. It involves decisions concerning the quality, size, package, range, brand name, label, warranty and services , etc. These product related activities are directed usually at a specific group of consumers (called the target market) rather than at consumers at large. Consumers consider a product as a 'bundle of satisfaction ' rather than as a physical item. For example ' the buyer of a washing machine wants speed, comfort and trouble-free operation rather than just a box of metal, plastic and electrical components. There are three layers of benefit:- 1. Core benefit 2. Expected benefit 3. Augmented benefit. Products can be classified into two categories:- CONSUMER PRODUCTS The products which are used directly by the ultimate consumers.... ... middle of paper ... ...HO JAYE". It promotes other of its products also in a very appealing manner. The advertisement of oreo done by ranbir kapoor. The company keeps on changing its pakaging to keep the consumers intact. Other products are also been promoted. Cadbury bournvita is been advertised by giving the schemes such as giving the plastic mug free with the bournvita or to provide bournvita in the reusable container. These are some of the examples of the promotional strategies adopted by cadbury. CONCLUSION Through this project i have concluded that the marketing strategies adopted by the cadbury are very appealing and cadbury is able to survive among its competitors as it is properly concerned about the needs of the customers and is providing its customers really very good products and services so that the customers are contended with the services of the companies.

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