Marketing : Marketing Is An Act

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1.1 Definition of marketing: Marketing is an act by the Marketers to sell and promote their products to increase profit. Marketing is very necessary part of business. It is done by the marketers in different ways like advertising and promoting new products to aware the people. Definition of promotion: Promotion is an act in which marketers introduce their new products and make them popular in market. By selling those on offer like for less price or two pieces of that product for one price. Promotion plays very important role to increase the profit. By promotion, customers are come to know about the value and benefit of the product. By Wikipedia: promotion always refers to increasing customer awareness of a product or brand, generating sales and creating brand loyalty. Promotion depends on four piece of market mix which includes product, price, promotion and place. (wikipedia, 2015) By Susan ward: promotion is communicating with the public in an attempt to influence them toward buying your products and /or services. (susan ward, 2015) Diagram: Explain the diagram: According to the diagram promotion divided into three parts. First of all promotion means to inform the customers about the products. Company is persuading the customer about the product like company try to explain the benefits and uses of the products to the customers. They advertise the products by different ways to promote the products. Role of promotion of MacDonald’s in NZ: MacDonald’s promote their business in NZ with different ways like MacDonald’s promote their business by face book, advertisements on TV, Newspapers and posters on buses and outside of the shops. MacDonald’s always update the specials or deals on face book, and then customers easily ge... ... middle of paper ... ...rom MacDonald,s Japan promotion. (2015). Retrieved from MacDonald 's japan promotion: susan ward. (2015). Retrieved from susan ward: wikipedia. (2015). Retrieved from wikipedia: wikipedia. (2015). wikipedia. Retrieved from
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