Marketing Management Of Coca-Cola And Pepsico

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As the new Marketing Manager of Bevande, I have been tasked to develop a new website and social media presence. To complete this task an evaluation will be completed on the following competitive organisations: Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. At the end of this report, based on the knowledge gained for reviewing competitor’s social media presence, recommendations will be made to my management team on how to effectively use social to benefit the customer and the organisation itself. 2.0 Background Information

2.1 Social Media
According to Holloman (2012) social media is a “collective term that describes the means of communicating and engaging with people. It’s something many people see as evolutionary, if not revolutionary, in helping people connect
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On the organization 's site, there are immediate connections to take the viewer to every social networking site the organization is concerned with. Once a viewer goes to any of those pages, there are connections and buttons to guide the viewer to other Coca-Cola online networking sites. As of now the web page has "buttons" that connects viewers to Coca-Cola 's profiles on Facebook and Twitter (Coca-Cola, n.d.).
Coca- Cola is very creative as they have a presence in every social media there is even on Flickr and google+. This is helpful as it can attract certain groups who uses these different types of social media. Before even putting the full name of this company in the Facebook search button Coca-Cola was instantly the first company to appear. This is not surprising since it is one of the world’s most recognizable companies as a result of its distinctive script. It has attracted over 93 million likes on Facebook and as a result of this Coca-Cola can leave their Facebook unattended for a long period of time. Coca-Cola can often go more than a week without posting anything. Which is acceptable as they do not have its own particular stores and can concentrate on their brand image and bringing issues to light of its advertising campaigns rather than driving individuals to its shops or to an e-commerce

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