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Internet technology growth has a huge potential such as it reduce the costs of goods, services delivery and expand environmental boundaries in bringing buyers and sellers together. Internet permits small businesses to gain and maintain an access market that helps them to compete with huge industry. The information and communication technology revolutions, globalization have taken a movement in the economy of world from production based to economy of knowledge based. Internet has also changed the method of business is being conducted the way that it will take important achieve to consumers and transactions. In the present age, Internet is playing an increasingly significant role in consumer daily live.

Consumers use the Internet various reasons ranging from only collecting information to purchasing product online. Internet shopping has been becoming a significant current approach for marketing, and along with the increase to a higher level of customer consciousness, my study intends to propose a theoretical framework for customer satisfaction in internet shopping.

The Internet invention can create and/or improve competitive advantage based on two perspectives. At the first, businesses can incorporate and establish an accurate market segmentation mechanism (Ryan, 2004), seeing that market segmentation information can help marketing managers learn more about their target market, take enhanced stock of market through the process of product growth (Kotler and Keller, 2006) and enhance the opportunity of delivering and creating personalized goods and services throughout a better understanding of the feelings and motives of the targeted customer segment. Second, studies have often applied various hypothetical bas...

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...ular website, they are still to be expected to find substitute sites and switch to them. Compare information and find other websites that provide similar products or services which is easy for consumers. In online shops, the relationship between loyalty and consumer satisfaction is weaker than offline shops (Anderson and Srinivasan, 2003; Terblanche and Boshoff, 2010). Objective of customer buying studies highlighted the role of such as factors that are service quality, equity and value, customer satisfaction, passed loyalty, expected switching cost and brand favourite (Hellier, 2003). Attitude towards online shopping and intention to shop online are not only related to ease of use and fun but also to numerous exogenous factors such as consumer traits, situational aspects, product characteristics, preceding online shopping experience and confidence (Monsuwe 2004).
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