Marketing Environment Case Study

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Marketing environment is a combination of internal and external forces that surround organization and influence it. It also focuses on their talent to form and carry on successful relationships with target customer. Marketing environment factor can divided into internal environmental factors and external environmental factors.
Internal environmental factors refer to events that happen inside organization. For example, management changes, employee morale, financial changes or issues and culture changes. Interval environment of an organization deals with the management of resources like human resources, monetary resources, physical resources and technology that represent the organization in order to apply or perform a strategy. Teamwork, coordination,
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Employee morale includes attitude, emotions, satisfaction and overall outlook of employee during their working time in the working place. The sign of low employee morale includes lack of initiative, poor performance, changes in attitude and lack of commitment. Since Kenneson Brothers Quarry Sdn Bhd applies autocratic leadership, there is no open communication among leader and employee. Without open communication, employee will not feel comfortable to speak to their leader about their opinion, ideas or problems. This will lead to missing out on inventive ideas and having problems fester. Employees will also become angers and have opportunities for rumours to run wild when they feel they are kept in dark. This shows that communication is essential because it will provide a way for employee to know that what they should do and how is their performance. Sometimes, wasted potential can also cause low employee morale. When the Kenneson Brothers Quarry Sdn Bhd hires overqualified employee or places employee at a wrong position, they might get annoyed with work. Thus, employee lost the initiative to carry out their job. This leads to company decrease in productivity and quit their job in the end. So, a good company should be aware when hiring employee because it is important to get a right person to carry out the right job at the right
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