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The last “P” of the marketing mix, promotion, has always been my interest. Having attended the class in Promotion and Marketing Communication during my third year at Thammasat University in Bangkok, which later I have completed my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Marketing), led me to develop my likeness and passion towards advertising and communication. Visualizing ideas, making connections and putting them into a clearer picture and comprehensible or even wording, that what fascinated me. My practical skills in marketing and communication began when I first joined OgilvyOne in Bangkok. Working in this creative, CRM agency also became my pivot point where I discovered the way to utilize my marketing knowledge within CRM, some of which involved online and e-mail campaigns in addition to traditional advertising. When I first used Google analytic for my work, I was impressed by the amount of data captured from the audiences and how much insights Google could provide. Unfortunately, that impression did not last long to convince me the importance of the future trend of the digital economy. Much of my CRM experience developed further when I joined SF Cinema City, where I was a CRM Assistant Manager working on an acquisition, retention and loyalty program for membership section within the newly setup CRM department. However, the real challenge was when I joined Ogilvy&Mather Asia Pacific in Sydney, Australia working in demand generation team for IBM account. This regional role gave me an exposure to invaluable knowledge of how B2B and each different market operates, including the effective way to communicate through cultural differences. SEM/SEO came to play an important role within the industry as a result of a significa... ... middle of paper ... to receive an education, but it is to my surprise that there are not many Digital Marketing degrees available at full capacity. The country is in demand for this area specialist, especially professional from America and England. Within this digital age, this Master’s program will help deepen my knowledge of the foundation to the advance stage of digital marketing strategy perspective, strengthen my marketing skills and prepare me for the new challenge of new media and technology, including how to manage present day ever-changing and a variety of media platforms, especially in digital marketing, content, mobile and social media. On the other hand, what I can contribute to the program in addition to my positive energy and enthusiasm in the field, is my international perspective as well as my extensive years of hands-on experience both in Thailand and in Australia.

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