Marketing Analysis: Spain: Target Market Analysis Of Spain

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Saif Kamal Target Market Analysis Spain is situated in Southwestern Europe, with a total area of approximately 505,000 Sq. km, which for reference makes it almost five times the size of Kentucky and twice the size of Oregon. Spain ended 2014 with a population of 46 million with women representing 51% compared to 49% men (Country Economy). Spain has 17 autonomous regions, each with its own culture. The climate in Spain is predominantly Mediterranean; winters are mild, and summers are hot in the coastal regions, with high rainfall in the Cantabrian area. In the Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada, the climate is alpine, whereas the south eastern part of the country is semi-arid and the Canary Islands are subtropical. (The World Fact Book). Spain is…show more content…
English is widely spoken and it is the main foreign language taught in school. The culture of Spain is known for its folklores in different regions although a mixed culture has recently emerged with increased migration of Europeans. Most Spaniards are Roman Catholic, although different religions such as Islam and Judaism are also accepted. From a business culture perspective the Spanish prefer to do business with people that they trust. Trust and personal relationships are the cornerstone of business. Great importance is placed on the character of the person with whom they do business with (Kwintessential - Spain - Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette). It is therefore important that sufficient time is spent to get to know business colleagues through personal contact. It is also considered wise to be modesty about achievements and accomplishments. Furthermore, Spaniards do not like to admit that they are wrong so conflict should be avoided. Business decisions are usually made at the top of the chain so it is recommended that all business dealings be conducted with people of similar rank. Last but not least, Spaniards are very thorough in their dealings and will they review every small detail to make certain it is understood. Once a verbal understanding is reached a formal contract will then be created. It will be expected that both sides strictly follow to the terms of the contract (Kwintessential - Spain - Language, Culture, Customs and

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