Marketing Analysis : Customer Management

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Customers are looking for ways to reduce their cost, and increase their utility towards products. Customers have complicated choices when deciding which product will increase their overall satisfaction, the main goal for suppliers is to convince customers that they have the desirable product quality at the right price. A good method to gain customers’ attention is the customer value proposition, it is defined as a business or marketing statement that describes why a customer should buy a product or use a service. This technique has attract managers’ attention around the world because of its effectiveness convincing and influencing customers. Some firms tried to apply this technique, but they fail obtaining results because they do not understand that they have to research their product to make valid statements. By evaluating the products features, companies can demonstrate the advantages of the product and separate the features that are more desirable for the customers, some managers are naïve that they lose great contracts because they do not now how to differentiate and maximize the capabilities of the product. As stated in the article, “Customer managers, increasingly held accountable for reducing costs, don’t have the luxury of simple believing supplier’s assertions.” This statement explains the disbelief of clients with suppliers, and reinforce the belief that managers need to understand customer desirabilities and maximize the most desirable features. A great part of managers see CVP (customer value proposition) as just a marketing tool to promote the company without giving this tool the appropriate resources and time. by shadowing their thinking, managers undervalue the customer value proposition, and fail to attain the pr... ... middle of paper ... ...ning, analyzing, and implementing well assemble value prepositions can create a significant improvement for business performance. Best suppliers understand the importance of creating an environment where its workers can identify the most appropriate value propositions for customers. This is explained in the article as, “Best-practice suppliers make sure their people know how to identify what the next value proposition ought to be.” Understanding the trends of the market is very important to create a competitive advantage, and creating persuasive value propositions for the firm’s customers. A superior performance is the goal for many companies and it can be obtained, by studying the techniques to create the best customer value proposition. And remember, companies get rich not by exploiting their customers, but by providing customers with what customers value the most.
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