Market Research and Target Market

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Market Research and Target Market

I need to write an introduction explaining the type of business/

organisation my client has set up, the business problems they are

facing and the business aims and objective.

I shall hold a meeting with my client

Discuss with client

My client may not be willing to discuss the marketing plan.

I will explain the objectives of the marketing campaign and how this

will help the business achieve its aims.

I will use the Internet and textbooks.

20 20 research

I will identify the target market and explain to the client. I will

also discuss other potential methods of the market.

I will produce a questionnaire. Discuss other potential methods of

market research. I will interview a shop owner to see their aims and


Desk research- use of the Internet.

I will need to ensure that the questions asked are appropriate.

I will present the findings of my research towards my client Using

graphs and charts

I will use the information I have gathered in the questionnaire. I

will discuss what needs to be took into consideration regarding

location, target market and pricing.

The target market may be varied

I shall discuss three options that my client could use to promote

their product.

I will use the information on promotion and advertising, and the

affects of legal constraints. I will get this from using the Internet,

own knowledge and work on advertising and promotional methods in

exercise books.

Text books (Business studies by Pat Bond and Jill Martin)

I must prepare a marketing plan for my client

I shall use the Internet for the layout of the marketing plan.


I have been asked by my client to conduct market research in order to

find out who the target market is for their business. My client's

business is a sole trader. A sole trader is when one person owns the

business. My client is still able to employ other people, but these
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