Market Research Implementation Plan: Problem Identification and Project Outline

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Market Research Implementation Plan: Problem Identification and Project Outline

From humble beginnings in 1901 to current day, Harley-Davidson strives to build and provide not only a mode of transportation but also a lifestyle. According to Harley-Davidson (2001-2011), the company mission reads “We ride with our customers and apply this deep connection in every market we serve to create superior value for all of our stakeholders” (Company, para. 2). The company always has not experienced the success they are realizing today and no one knows what challenges tomorrow can bring. Harley-Davidson is committed to providing the best customer service in every department.

Although Harley-Davidson’s mission implies the company connection with customers helps create superior value, Harley-Davidson still needs to formulate a way to measure customer service. The company uses surveys to collect data relating to customer service, customer experience, and customer opinion. One method Harley-Davidson uses for data collection is a panel of owners who have been invited to take part in special surveys. Harley-Davidson also uses their Harley Owners Group (H.O.G) community to collect data regarding customer satisfaction. Each new motorcycle purchase requires a survey to determine if the customer is completely satisfied. Any work conducted at the service department garners a phone call from the company requesting information and opinions on customer service. Analyzing this data provides Harley-Davidson a direction to consider and plans to implement to continually improve customer service.

Necessary Market Research and its Importance to Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles has made a decision to evaluate its perceived cust...

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... optimizing their customer service standards. They use many methods such as surveys and questionnaires to obtain useful information from their customers. Harley-Davidson has just recently decided to implement a plan that will assist them in evaluating their perceived customer service. To do this, market research will have to be conducted that carefully examines their customers. If Harley-Davidson is successful in their market research plan, they will have access to the information they need to keep their existing customers happy and to better attract new customers.

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