Market Economy Advantages And Disadvantages

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A market economy is a society that is industrialized. For example, there are factories and workers that make goods. But a society does not need capitalism to be industrialized. A market economy is where there are people who compete. They try to get money by themselves and only for them. They are money greedy and the want it all. This is a goal and this is what a market economy focuses on. But even though society is industrialized, they have limits. They are controlled by the government. For example, Social Security is controlled by the government. When the government controls, institutions do not have many rights. For social security, there are qualifications and these qualifications are made by the government. But the poor face more problems than the rich. For example, the rich have more power and control the ways there…show more content…
When market societies take away financial aid, they are looking for more money. Market societies know that if they take away public supports, they can get more profits. Now people must work longer. Communal networks are relationships between family and friends. If a person has a 9-9 shift instead of a 9-5 shift, they have less time to see family members. They can 't take care for their children. The child is free to do crimes. People are now being isolated and there is no communication. The next mechanism is the spread of a materialistic, neglectful, and hard culture. In this mechanism, people produce goods. For example, people make art or jewelry. People tried to compete with others to who ever made the best art. These things are great for society. We look at art in museums. Now, it is not like that anymore. There are also craft values. People do not care about what they make. If they make chains or art, it is just another thing. People are not impressed because they do it every day. People do not want to be better than others. Also, there are ranks. There are bosses that tell you what to
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