Market Analysis : Starbucks 's Brand Strategy

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Market Analysis: Starbucks’s Brand Strategy in China Introduction The company’s brand is a name, term, symbol, design or combination that identified a product and distinguishes it from other products (Ferrell et al., 2014). The brand is a significant element to operate business marketing because it could add extra value to the product with keeps the high-quality level by meeting the consumers’ emotional demands. An American coffee brand-Starbucks Corporation expanded their products entered in the international Chinese market since from1999 start the first store in Beijing. Starbucks is already the most recognized worldwide brand in the coffee business before it appeared in the China. Even though, the executive of Starbucks Jeffrey S. Harrison stated it is a venture that Starbucks began their coffee in virgin markets because China is a tea drink nation and Chinese are predominantly tea drink. However, based on previous researches literature reviewing of relevant the brand of Starbucks building has shown Starbucks use brand strategy to build their marketing in China. Starbucks supports the good products like it collect the most coffee beans from all over the world and has strict controls on the temperature at every different drink that is a prerequisite condition to create a good brand. Beside, Starbucks knows there is not enough person drink coffee in China while Starbucks explored other ways to attract the Chines customer enter the store and try the coffee. Starbucks offer a good environment like in the Starbucks store the people can see some comfortable chair and table, clean environment around for the customer social with friends or communicate with business partners or read the newspaper, books, and magazine. Theref... ... middle of paper ... ...ks not only a cup of coffee but it is a bridge to experience the American lifestyle. Now in China Starbucks also counter other coffee stores’ competition while Starbucks is still a coffee industry leader. In addition, Zhang (2012) demonstrated Starbucks tend to market mix strategies and positioning strategies as well as the Starbucks brand itself give it an assurance of success. The first part author points the Starbucks accurately identifies and choosing their markets target (tourists and local community) and coffee quality, atmosphere, location, service quality etc. Those make Starbucks acquiring its competitive advantages in China. Starbucks has a bit aspects need to improve compared with the other competitor coffee brand. Base on a series of research paper, the paper finds out Starbucks use their brand strategies quickly open the Chinese’s coffee marketing.
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