Mark Twain's Works After "Tom Sawyer"

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After Tom Sawyer, from the middle of 1870s to 1880s,Mark Twain wrote a lot of works which later became his masterpieces. I should say that this period is a climax of Mark Twain's writing life. For example, the famous novel "the prince and pauper" which focus on the cruel law working for the ruler; "life on Mississippi" which praised working people emotionally and expressed his yearning for free life and the most important novel, his master work "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" are all produced in this period.

Actually, these are closely related to the society situation at that time. From that time, class struggle became more and more intense. Worker's strike blossomed here and there. But most of them were suppressed cruelly. ///Many workers were sentenced to death with fabricate crimes. / Mark Twain, as a thinker and soldier[[?justice fighter]], of course would write sth to reveal it.

Here, I have to say sth about "Hucklebreey Finn''. This was a milestone in Twain's writing life. Huck Finn, which painted a picture of Mississippi frontier life, was intended as a sequel to Tom Sawyer. During the adventure, the white child Huck and black man Jin built up a deep friendship. At first, Huck also debated whether or not turn in Jim, an escaped slave and a friend. But as time went by, he was more and more clear that he want to protect him and became a soldier. Huck's distaste for civilization reflects the idea of Walden,and his debate probes the racial tensions of the national conscience. In this novel, Mark Twain highly paised the black Jin's noble character and the friendship between white and black. Of course he also criticized the slavery in America and expressed his love toward freedom. what more should be mentioned is that: in this novel, Twain used oral and contemporary language to bring his characters to life. This realistic prose style influenced numerous American writers and created American own literature style. So Ernest Hemingway wrote: All modern American literature comes from one book by Mark Twain called "Huckleberry Finn."

There is another novel which is also focus on the slavery named "pudd'nhead Wilson." I'd like to talk about this in detail. It is a vivid picture of the south of slavery days, and is full of the quaint paradoxes which we always look for in Twain's work. "pudd'nhead Wilson" is another name for fool; it is applied hastily to Mr David Wilson, a lawyer and surveyor, who in his leisure hours amuses himself with making "records" of the tips of his acquaintances.
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