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Samuel Clemens,was born on Nov. 30,1835.He was born in Missouri, Florida and was the sixth child of Jane and John Clemens. At the age of 4,his father bought a piece of land in Hannibal Florida, in hopes he would hit it rich,which never occurred. No matter the disappointments he continued to try, and was a storekeeper,a lawyer,and judge until he died from Pneumonia when Samuel Clemens was only 12 years old.
Being forced to drop out of school and enter the workforce to take care of his family,Samuel Clemens would try his hand at many ventures. His first job was an apprentice for Hannibal Courier,which paid him nothing. He then went to work for his brother Orion, as a printer,editor,and writer for the Hannibal Western Union,where he was inspired to be a writer.He moved on and became a printer in New York, Pittsburgh,and St Louis.
While in St Louis,he became inspired by Horace E. Bixby to become a pilot out at sea. He enjoyed the prestige, and the pay so much that he made it a career until the Civil War.After his this career ceased, he headed out West to try his hand at panning for gold and silver. When this venture failed, he returned to the newspapers and started writing under the pen name Mark Twain,which meant “ Two Fathoms.”(referring to 12 feet of water)(Marshall Donald,Newspaper West,P. 3 )
After writing ,”The Celebrated Leap Frog”, Mark Twain would become famous as a humorist, American Novelist, and Satire.(Rasmussen,PP. 6)(Marshall, Newspaper Week,P. 3)
Mark Twain became a recognized American writer with critics like Bernard De Voto claiming “More widely and deeply than anyone else who ever wrote books, he shared the life of America. Printer, pilot, soldier, silver miner, gold-washer, child of two emigrants...

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...hen he states “Just because you are taught something right, and everybody believes its right, it does not make it right”.(Marshall, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn) Huckleberry Finn gets pulled off the library shelves in 1885 for saying the “N” word. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People became upset about the usage of “N” word and “Jim the slave” and requires that schools remove it from its readings in 1950.(Marshal, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,P. 7) The characters in the story were based on two slaves named Sandy and Sam, that his family owned and Mark Twain befriended during that time.(Bradshaw, Rodney PP 2-10)
No matter the controversies, the language he used, and the lack of education, he certainly had many styles of writing which is no wonder why he is still the beloved novelist that he was many years

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