Mark Twain

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Mark Twain is known around the world because of his novels. He is beloved by many. Samuel Clemens was his real name, but he went by the pen name Mark Twain which is the name most know him by. He liked to write about the society around him. His writings were influenced by his experiences in life. He often wrote about the Mississippi River, which he lived on most of his life. Twain was a huge part of literature because of his many accomplishments. Which is why he is considered one of the greatest novelists of all time.
Mark Twain was born two months premature on November 30, 1839 in Florida, Missouri ("Mark Twain (American Writer)."). He was the sixth child of John Marshall and Jane Lampton Clemens ("Mark Twain (American Writer)."). Only three of his siblings survived through childhood ("Mark Twain." Wikipedia.). Clemens family moved to Hannibal Missouri when he was four ("Mark Twain." Wikipedia.). The first 10 years of his life, the Clemens family were not particularly healthy ("Mark Twain (American Writer)."). When ever he was healthy, he spent his younger years running around with the local boys that lived around the Mississippi River with him ("Mark Twain: Childhood."). As Clemens grew up he wanted to become steamboat pilot because he saw many of steamboats while living on the Mississippi River ("Mark Twain: Childhood."). Clemens was about 9 years old he attended a private school in Hannibal, Mo. ("Mark Twain (American Writer)."). John Marshall Clemens, his father, died when he was just 12 years old ("Mark Twain (American Writer)."). The next year Clemens dropped out of school and became a printer’s apprentice ("Mark Twain." Wikipedia.). In 1868 Mark twain asked Olivia Langdon to marry him, she declined the proposal, but ...

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...e best American novelist to this day. His work was like no other. He started out on working for a small Newspaper company in Hannibal and worked his way up to become one successful man. Mark Twain will never be forgotten for his novels and great sense of humor.

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