Marine biogeochemistry in Indonesia

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Introduction This essay have objectives to specify the trend topic in biogeochemistry study and elaborate the development of this study specially in Indonesia. The main goals are to determine the opportunity of biogeochemistry research in Indonesia marine waters and define the new focus in oceanography study. The essay itself is presented in the following outline. The first part is the discussion about the world trend topic in biogeochemistry using bibliometric study. The next part is discussed about study of biogeochemistry in South East Asia and surround. The information regarding the Indonesia marine waters, especially about oceanography condition including an information about Indonesian trough-flow are discussed in the next part, following by the discussion about oceanology research in Indonesia. As the last part, the essay focus on defining the opportunity of biogeochemistry research in Indonesia. Finally, discussions and constructive criticisms are welcome since the essay is far from perfect. Any ideas and critics are welcome to be addressed to the author through direct discussion or correspondence. The world research trend in marine biogeochemistry Topic related to biogeochemistry has been become a major study of the scientific community in every point of view. A trend analysis using bibliometric was used in order to know world research trend in biogeochemistry. The trend analysis itself has been widely applied for many disciplines, from medicine to computer to social science (Hoonlor et al. 2013). Bibliometric analysis also one of the method which has been widely applied (Xie et al. 2008). Present study apply bibliometry (detail method in Appendix) using the data of Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI-Expanded/ 1975-present) and Conference Proceedings Citation Index- Science (CPCI-S/1990-present) from Web of Science – Web of Knowlede Thomson and Reuters (New York -USA). Xie, Zhang and Ho (2008) explained that the databases were frequently used as source for a broad review of scientific accomplishment . Using topic keyword "marine biogeochemistry" the databases sorted 1270 documents consist of 1083 journal articles and 187 others (proceedings, review, book chapters, etc). Oceanography is the highest Web of Science categories related document (29%, Fig 1a). Those documents were belong to research areas: environmental science and ecology (32%), oceanography (29%), marine-fresh water ecology (26%), and the rest (13%) were in others research area such as marine biology, pollution, etc (Fig 1b). In order to track the trend, the following 'hot' topic list were applied for comparison (Libes 2009), namely: 1) hydrological cycle, 2) redox chemistry in the context of

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