Marine?: A Narrative Fiction

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664 words

Marine? Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail manga/anime and One Piece. manga/anime Summary: Lucy not only ends up in a different world, but mysteriously deages. Prologue: New family Darkness all around, a terrifying roar throughout every direction, blurry images of persons battling an apocalyptic beast which fade away along with my consciousness. Only the mark of a fairy that had a tail stay in my mind in as I passed out. Cocoyasi Village, Conomi Islands Belle-Mere a red-violet hair with a unique hairstyle similar to a Mowhawk women wearing a checkered shirt with the word "Mace" on it, indigo trousers and brown sandals. As Belle-mere walks towards her home after buying the groceries for diner, she going to make for her two daughters, until she stumble on a little …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that they don't own fairy tail manga/anime and one piece.
  • Narrates how belle-mere stumbles upon a little girl with shoulder blonde hair on the road home after buying groceries for her daughters.
  • Narrates how belle-mere sits besides the uncounsios blonde at dr. nako's clinic waiting for her to wake up. the doctor told her the child may have amnesia due to a heavy blow to her head.
  • Narrates how belle-mere asks the children, "my head hurts. who are you lady?" with a smile. "i don't have to try so hard to remember."
  • Narrates how belle-mere inquires about lucy's home and where her parents are. two girls enter as lucy begins to cry.
  • Analyzes how belle-mere messes her daughters' hair with her left hand on nojiko's head.
  • Analyzes how lucy asks belle-mere to bemcome her daughters, but they don't look like her.
  • Narrates how belle-mere asks her new daughter, nami, how old she is, and what month she was born.
  • Narrates how they rewrote marine or pirate after a year or two, but don't know if they'll delete it.

Miss Belle-Mere... are my p-parents dead.” Lucy said her voice quivering at the end. Suddenly two girls enter as Lucy began to cry. “Belle-Mere are you alright?” both girls ask in unison not once noticing Lucy. “Belle-Mere who are the blue hair kid and orange hair kid?” Lucy ask not letting her answer. “Belle-Mere who is this blonde kid?” the blue hair child ask once more not letting her answer. “Lucy, this blue hair kid is Nojiko my daughter.” Belle-Mere said with her left hand on Nojiko’s head then puts her other hand on the other child “And this orange hair kid is Nami my youngest daughter.”Belle-Mere finish saying with a grin as she messes her daughters hair. “Your daughters... But they don't look nothing like you” Lucy asks bewildered her tears already forgotten. “Yah that's true, but you also don't look anything like me.” Belle-mere states confusing her daughters. With tears once more flowing down her cheeks Lucy leaps towards Belle-Mere embracing her knowing the inplications of her words. “I’m glad to bemcome your daughter” Lucy says with a grin as the tears keep coming. “Wait what?” exclaims Nojiko. “Does that mean I’m the middle child now” Nami happily

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