Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe may be seen as the greatest sex symbol in American history, but that’s not all she was. She had an extremely troubled life from the very beginning, but still managed to put on a brave face for the public eye. Marilyn was a great actress, a singer, as well as one of the most beautiful women alive. Through the tough events that occurred in her life it led her into a downward spiral, making her final few months dark. Marilyn left a legacy though, through many movies, and very public relationships, the nation got to see every side of her. Her beauty made her a goddess, but her faults made her human. Norma Jean Baker was born to Gladys Baker and an unknown father, in 1926 in Los Angeles, California (“Biography” 1). Not even two weeks after she was born she was put in a foster home when her mother was institutionalized because she was mentally ill, and consequently she couldn't take care of her daughter (Henriksen). Soon after going through numerous orphanages and foster homes she was adopted by Grace McKee, which was her mother’s best friend (Biography par. 3). McKee loved the actress Jean Harlow and allowed Norma Jean to wear makeup and curl her hair at the very young age of nine (Biography par. 3). When McKee ended up getting married, her and her husband were having financial problems and wanted to move to start new, without Marilyn (Bell 2). Her next home was with her great aunt, Olive Brunings (Biography par. 4). While living there she was sexually assaulted by Olive’s son; at this young age this may have been the cause of later on in life being somewhat promiscuous as well as having led to her substance abuse (Biography par. 4, 5). It was only known that she was sexually abused simply because she spoke up about ... ... middle of paper ... thought that the inevitable ending of these relationships would lead to her demise (Bell). Robert was the one to fall in love with Marilyn, but she never quite had those feelings in return: it was JFK that she had set her sights on. Still even with someone to keep her company Marilyn ended up back in a mental hospital yet again in Through the many up’s and down’s of Marilyn’s life, she never quit trying, she always tried to be the best, and she knew that she had what it took to be a star. Her long struggle to become a star paid off when fame surrounded her everywhere, but it’s this constant prying of the public that greatly contributed to her mental problems. I believe the camera’s gave her that sense of affection she craved, but at the end of the day no one was really there for her. Her need of love was her driving force and also the cause of her downfall.
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