Marijuana Subculture Essay

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A subculture is a group of within a society that has its own shared set of values, norms, beliefs, interests that functionally unify them, and that are different from those held by the majority of society. Marijuana comes from the Sativa plant and the stems, seeds and leaves are usually brown or green. Marijuana can be smoked, from a joint, blunt, bong, pipe, hookah and handmade materials such as plastic or even food like an apple, it can also be baked into food and brewed as tea. Millions of people around the world use marijuana for spiritual, therapeutic and recreational purposes. When you smoke marijuana the THC goes into your lungs and into your bloodstream and the chemical travels throughout all the organs in your body. When the THC…show more content…
The 420 universal holiday is the most defining characteristic of the marijuana subculture. 420 is a number as well as the date of April 20th which represents a day dedicated to the smoking of marijuana. This specific date was said to have originated from a group of kids who attended San Rafael high school in northern California in 1971 known as the “Waldos” because they always hung out by a wall. The Waldos started using the term 420 because they met after school every day at 4:20 pm to hang out and smoke marijuana. The group’s friends and acquaintances which were some members of the rock group Grateful Dead also used the term and put it on one of their concert flyers then it started becoming popular in society. “A sign marking the mile 420 on a Colorado highway was replaced with one that reads "MILE 419.99" — after the old one was repeatedly stolen by weed-enthusiasts, according to the state’s transportation…show more content…
Marijuana was used since 8,000 BCE as hemp cord in what is now modern day Taiwan. Seeds were used as hemp oil in China during the BCE times. The first person recorded ever using marijuana was Emporer Shen Neng of China in 2,737 BCE and he used it medicinally. Shortly after, cannabis cultivated for food and for fibers such as hemp cloth and hemp rope. Between 2000 BCE to the year 570 the use of cannabis spread to Russia, modern day Khazakstan, Persia, England, and in European countries such as Greece. The first hemp paper was created in China and in the years 850 to 1532 cannabis was taken to Iceland by the Vikings and also spread to Arabia, Egypt, Syria and Africa and

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