Marijuana Persuasive Essay

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Smoking has been around for many years now, and most of us have tried it once. Most people will think am talking about cigarettes but that is not the case. Marijuana has been around for many years now but, not many people know because it was not legal. As the years went by it became legal in a few states. Marijuana is better than most of the things we have legal today. Marijuana should be legalized in all states because it causes fewer deaths and accidents than alcohol and cigarettes.
A law passed on a certain age to buy alcohol and cigarettes does not mean they are good for people’s body. These products have caused many deaths and health problems in many people who use them. Drinking alcohol is a big risk to the consumer of the drink and other
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Marijuana can play a part in causing a bad lung injury because of the mixture of grass and particles in the plant. The effect of smoking marijuana can turn into precursors of lung cancer. When using marijuana habitually in some cases can actually be deadly to a person. According to a article on smoking marijuana,” In many societies, marijuana is the second most commonly smoked substance after tobacco. While delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is unique to marijuana and nicotine to tobacco, the smoke of marijuana, like that of tobacco, consists of a toxic mixture of gases and particulates, many of which are known to be harmful to the lung.” (“ Smoked marijuana as a cause of lung injury”) Marijuana can be very bad for people because it can lead up to cancer. Marijuana does not cause cancer but it can be a factor that leads up to it. Marijuana makes a person go into a dazed feeling which is bad because if the person decides to drive they can be at big risk of causing or being in a accident. Smoking weed can cause you to have short term memory and become very addictive to a person. Once you become addicted to a drug you realize that your money is going way faster because you crave it so much. Legalizing marijuana will be a gateway to legalize more harmful drugs like as in meth. Influencing kids would be a factor of legalizing marijuana which would be a bad…show more content…
Marijuana can help with many medical reason which is a good thing. Weed will not cure any sickness but will help a person cope and become more comfortable with the sickness. Marijuana can affect your everyday life which could be difficult to cope with. Smoking marijuana is very helpful but, also very

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