Marijuana Legalization

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Roughly 750,000 people are arrested for marijuana each year, the vast majority of them just for simple possession. Would the legalization of marijuana be helpful to the people of America? By asking around, marijuana is a very debatable topic, which most people have many different opinions on. There is plenty of research to do online about it, by just typing it in on Google. You could either watch a documentary on YouTube about how marijuana has effected a persons live, or by simply reading about it online. A lot of websites can not be trusted, so choose the website you are interested in wisely. Going to a library and reading about it is also another great way to research this topic. While searching for reliable resources to use, many different sources seemed unreliable. Online resources, and interviews with some people were exceptionally swell though. 15 year old Natalie Wise has an opinion of her own about this topic. She states " I think marijuana should definitely be a legalized drug. If people are allowed to intoxicate themselves with alcohol, they should be able to calm themselves down with the use of marijuana. I believe that as long as the user is 18 years or older or has medical permission to use it nor is affecting anyone around them than they should be able to smoke weed. My own family has medical marijuana cards and i believe it has positively impacted their lives." (Natalie Wise, 13 May 2014). If no one is being affected by the decisions people decide to make than it should be totally legal. It makes no sense for marijuana not to be legalized, since there are way more harmful legal intoxicants out there. Another teenager, 16 year old Almedina Pargan has another opinion about marijuana. She states that "I think mari... ... middle of paper ... ...s going to find happiness, than it should be legal. It is not harming or affecting anybody in a negative matter so why is it illegal? Happiness is found by many ways among the people of America. Another core democratic value is Life and Liberty. Everybody has their own individual rights, and can choose how they want to live their lives. Everyone is free to live and make whatever decision they want to without having to have harassment from others. If someone believes that growing a harmless plant and smoking it is what makes them happy, than they shall be left alone. If people believe that marijuana is the right medicine that can cure them and cause them to be happy, than they should have a right to smoke it. Smoking marijuana is someones individual choice, and should not be up to the government or state if they are allowed to do what they believe medicates them.

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