Marijuana Legalization

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More people die every year from being struck by lightning than from smoking marijuana. On average forty-four people die from lightning strikes each year while no one has died from marijuana over-dosage. “Marijuana is a combination of shredded leaves, stems, and flower buds”(About Chemistry). Other common names for marijuana are grass, pot, weed, bud, mary jane, dope, indo, hydro, 420, Acapulco Gold, BC Bud, buddha, cheeba, chronic, ganja, green goddess, herb, homegrown, KGB (Killer Green Bud), kindbud, locoweed, shake, sinsemilla, skunk, and wacky tabacky. Marijuana is one of the most highly debated topics in America. There are many topics that are debated about marijuana, but the three most popular are legalization, the gateway theory, and the danger and effects of marijuana.
On that same note, the legalization of marijuana is a topic that many legislators debate on. Some legislators have already approved the law. For example, “In the United States, twenty-four out of the fifty states have already legalized marijuana” (Drug Policy Alliance). This shows that already half of the states have legalized the use of marijuana. Legalizing marijuana would pump millions of dollars into the U.S’s economy. “More people have died from drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes, then doing marijuana, and cigarettes and alcohol is legal!”(Legalize Marijuana, Legalize Weed). Many opponents say that people do not want marijuana to be legalized, but studies now show that “fifty-eight percent of people are on board with legalizing marijuana”(10 Facts About Marijuana). This illuminates that the public has also approved use of marijuana. Marijuana should be legalized because the public is now accepting the idea of the legalization of this drug, and als...

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...anger and the effects of alcohol and cigarettes outweigh the danger and the risks of Marijuana, and the gateway effect is just a theory that cannot be proven or disproven and therefore, should not be used in an argument. If cigarettes and alcohol are legal than marijuana should be too!

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