Marijuana Legalization

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Marijuana is the familiar name for a raw drug made from the plant cannabis sativa. One of the active chemical in marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinal (THC); a stimulant it give users the pleasure effect of relaxation, known as a “high” or hallucinating when consumed too much either through oral or smoking. It is the mainstream drug and a blistering topic to our nation in this day and age. Legalizing marijuana is an ever-growing political and social battle making its way to the top of American controversial issues list. Marijuana is one of the prime adversaries on the outlook of America’s war on drugs. Numerous people crave this drug to be permissible and readily available similar to tobacco and alcohol. While it is mind-boggling that two life-threatening substances such as tobacco and alcohol are legal, it is only fair to inquire why marijuana is illegal. While some argue that legalizing marijuana would significantly decrease the America’s prison system and save the states billions of dollars, others believe that the usage of marijuana may increase and deliberately get in to the hands of minors.

Those who are in favor for marijuana legalization consider the ‘War on Drugs’ as an expensive disappointment. Billions of needless dollars are spent to incarcerate individuals that choose to use a substance that is less harmful and addictive than alcohol or prescribed medications. In addition, pro-marijuana advocate also suggest that if marijuana were to be legalized, the government could control the substance, very much like tobacco and alcohol. A method to control the purity of distributed marijuana, tracking marijuana use in the United States, and collect tax on the revenue. Which allows the government to have ample money to ut...

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... put an end to the illegal distribution of the substance. In retrospect, disciplinary actions such as fines and imprisonment will decrease marijuana use. However, marijuana users are people that are not a menace to society and are minor criminals. As a result, imprisoning the users could be taken to mean as an excessively waste of federal funds along with over-populating the prison unnecessarily. Government is created to set good examples and educate children that drugs can corrupt anyone under the influence.

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