Marijuana Impacts Lives of Consumers and the Economy

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MARIJUANA IMPACTS LIVES OF CONSUMERS AND THE ECONOMY The use of illegal drugs within a country has greatly impacted the living standard of people. According to Buddy T. (2014), he stated that “Marijuana or cannabis comes from a herb plant and can appear as brown, green or gray in a mixture of dried, shredded leaves, stems, seed and flowers”. It is classified as an illegal drug meaning it is not allowed to be sold, grown or even produced within most countries, but marijuana is mainly consumed by young people to satisfy their want to be cool and fit in to young gangsters group. Marijuana impacts the life of consumers and the economy as it may lead to a downfall in the health standard and education of consumers and an inflation that benefits the economy. It is important for illegal drugs such as marijuana be banned as time passes in order to keep young people healthy and have a better future. Thus this essay intends to discuss the statement of; marijuana impacts the life of consumers and the economy in relation to its effects on the social, physical and spiritual aspects of individuals. However, despite the negative effects marijuana puts upon lives of its consumers, it also supports producers as it increases economic growth and the living standard of individuals that will further on be elaborated as it positively impacts the economy of producers. Initially, the consumption of marijuana has rapidly increased as times pass by while technology also increases. Marijuana impacts lives of consumers negatively in terms of causing a downfall in the physical being of consumers. This is in focus on the health of consumers. How marijuana affect a person depends on their physical wellbeing as their size, weight, and health. The effect o... ... middle of paper ... ... banned for consumption and production in all countries. The main reason to these is to keep the good standard of health that God has blessed our lives with and also highlight the purpose that we were created for His service. Thus it is important to live a peaceful life and enjoy it with full and not to be involved in consuming illegal drugs. REFERENCES: A.Singh, (2013), Staff at Fulton College, Nadi, FJ Cannabis Facts, (2012), Retrieved from (accessed Jan 2014) G, Thomason. (1938), Science speaks to young men on liquar, tobacco, marcotis, and marijuana L. R. Curtis. (n.d), what it’s like to turn yourself off by turning on with drugs: Why not marijuana Nelson, T. (1982), World Changers Bible: New King James Version. Nashville, TN Nimissa, B (2014), student at Fulton College, Nadi, FJ
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