Marigolds By Eugenia Collier Analysis

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371 words

Have you ever read the Marigolds? If not I’m going to tell you about it. It’s written by Eugenia Collier, She wrote it as a adult but it was about her childhood. She grow up through the Great Depression. There is something good even when it’s a bad situation The main thing she talk about is how dusty &dry it was. On the first page she say the main thing she remember is how it was real dusty and dry. It was the late summer time. We have it lucky because we go home and have a meal to eat & know there is food to eat. When she was young she didn’t know if there was gone be a meal to eat at night or if there lights still work or if there was food to eat when she got hungry. The other theme is how they annoy Miss

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that eugenia collier wrote the marigolds as an adult, but it was about her childhood and growing up through the great depression.
  • Analyzes how the main thing she remembers is how dusty and dry it was in the late summer. when she was young, she didn't know if there was a meal to eat at night.
  • Analyzes how lizbeth messed up miss lottie's flowers and cried because they were the only thing she had good in a bad world.
  • Opines that there is something good even when it’s a bad situation. they say that they should help people if they want good things to happen.
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