Marie Leal's Understanding Of Social Studies

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Preparing children to live in a democratic society, and function as good citizens, is the primary focus of social studies (Brophy & Alleman, 2009). Marie Leal, 4-year-old teacher at Creative Kids Learning and Development, offers the following perspective on social studies. Social studies is about society, and learning the social skills needed to thrive successfully in society, and to become good citizens. The curriculum should include paths taken by societies in the past, how the current society is effected, and what changes have occurred. Leal’s priority when choosing a curriculum, is grade level appropriateness, how it correlates with grade level standards, and if it is created with developmentally appropriate activities. Leal believes the public’s opinion on social studies is that it is boring, so she aims to make learning engaging and relevant to children’s lives. She prefers for her students to learn first through experience because the knowledge gained is beneficial to them becoming contributing members in society (M. Leal, personal communication, August 3, 2017).…show more content…
Mitchell’s theory places importance on children’s experiences prior to formally being taught (Kemple, 2016). Mitchell also supports children’s involvement in play, and learning being relevant to children’s lives (Kemple, 2016). Leal’s understanding is also similar to
Hill (as cited by Kemple, 2016) who advocated for the Social-living Curriculum, focusing on the development of social skills and habits in preparation for living in a democratic society.
Although one of Leal’s priorities when choosing curriculum is the correlation to state standards, she only mentioned citizenship, culture, and

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