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Marianne Moore was an all-time good writer. She had many difficulties but she overcame them.
Marianne Craig Moore was born in Kirkwood, Missouri on November 15, 1887. She was the second child of John Milton and his wife Mary Warner. John Moore invented a smokeless furnace but failed. He collapsed mentally and was institutionalized before Marianne was born, son she never knew him (Parrish 1). Moore grew up in her maternal grandfather’s home. Moore spent her first seven years in an affectionate, close-knit environment. Her family encouraged serious reading and had a tolerant attitude toward diverse religious beliefs (Stone 2).
Marianne Moore graduated from Metzger Institute in 1905. She then went to Bryn Mawr College. She majored in history, law, and political science. Since she loved laboratory courses in biology and histology, she wanted to become a physician. She graduated in 1909 with a B.A degree but did not become a physician, lawyer, or a painter like she wanted. Instead, Moore enrolled into a one-year course at Carlisle Commercial College. After graduating, she started working at the U.S. Industrial Indian School in Carlisle. Marianne and her mother traveled together, visiting cities they had dreamed of and spent hours in art museums. She taught Native American students the standard secretarial skills of the time book home in Carlisle. She taught there for four years successfully (Parrish 1). She learned a verbal decorum and precision from her mother. And Moore had never married (Stone 2).
Marianne Moore ranked with Emily Dickinson among America’s finest woman poets. Moore crafted her poems superbly. She generally used poetic forms in which the controlling element is the number and arrangement of syllables rather than c...

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...he end of the 1960s and early 1970s, Moore’s health was declining because of a series of strokes. It killed her on February 5, 1972 (Bloom 21). On February 5, 1972, Marianne Moore died at the age of 84. A new edition of her “Complete Poems,” with her final revisions, appeared nine years later.
Despite her difficulties through life, Marianne Moore had a great writing career. She had several awards. She was known for becoming one of the greatest modernists of her time.

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