Marhsall Plan

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Marshall Plan
Throughout World War II, America and other large nations have been giving large amounts of money to help rebuild small countries, and get them on their “feet”. The Marshall Plan today is now focused on building a global economy within many different and under developed countries. However the United States has been focusing on the Asian countries more so than the ones in their own backward. When I refer to our “backyard” I am speaking of Latin America. They too are an under privileged continent in need of our help. But instead of us helping we just issue these countries dictators, like we have done in Iraq. “Instead, it has in the past chosen to prop up military dictators who kept the poor in check while giving free rein to U.S. multinational corporations (Reding 1).”
In the article by Andrew Reding, he discusses how the Marshall Plan has been very successful in the needs of other countries. Yet, he also points out how the United States is still defiant on assisting Venezuela in their economic and social needs. Why the American government is so against helping Latin America is uncertain? Are they not as important as the European countries? With the questions left for Washington to answer, here are some reforms given to the other helpless nations cited by Reding: minimum wages, public education, medical care, and forms of antitrust legislation. These are all gained by the United States intervening. And i...
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