Marginalization In India

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During our time in India, I often heard reference as to why people allowed the many social injustices to continue or to be perpetuated by following generations, "It 's not my job" or "It is not my responsibility" were the words I heard most often. "It" meaning critically looking at the wrongs in the world and deciding to do something to effect change for another person, another group or even another gender. To a degree, this line of thinking is understandable, after all, if it doesn 't affect you personally: what does it matter? Perhaps the combination of willful ignorance and lack of accurate information plays into this type of thinking. If all you see and know are the stereotypes and judgments of a culture without ever truly seeing something…show more content…
low class, the preference of sons over daughters, etc. Those in a lower wrung face neglect, discrimination, violence and prejudice for their entire lives. People with less opportunity and little to no education are unable to stand up and speak for themselves as they are unaware of how governments work and what their own rights are Marginalization: Within the culture of India, there are people who have little control over their own lives and resources, they are people who are perceived as having little use and therefore excluded. The Encyclopedia of Public Health defines marginalization as, "to be placed in the margins, and thus excluded from the privilege and power found at the center." There are many marginalized groups within each culture so I will keep my focus on the one 's I saw on our GSJ trip: Women, people with disabilities, children, and Castes (because I feel that plays a role within the rural communities). Women: the marginalization of females is a manifestation of harsh gender inequality. Women are excluded from certain occupations, jobs or service and forced into others. On a whole, they are almost always marginalized analogous with men. Women, even in the United States, still belong to a lower
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