Margaret Sanger

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Margaret Sanger was born in Corning, New York, on September 14, 1879. She was sixth child of her mother’s eleven children. Anne, her mother, suffered several miscarriages which lead Margaret to believe that is what caused her mother to have such poor health. Her father was a stonemason and did not support his family like he should have financially. She married William Sanger and had three children. They settled in New York City. She later separated from her husband and remarried James Noah H. Slee. He died in 1943. Margaret lived to be 86 and died in Tucson, Arizona, on September 6, 1966. Her life achievement of creating oral contraceptives is still appreciated by women everywhere today. In 1896, Sanger started off by going to college at Claverack and the Hudson River Institute. She signed up at White Plains Hospital for the nursing program. She became a part of the culture in Greenwich Village, which then sparked her interests in the Liberal Club, Women’s Committee of the New York Socialist Party and strikes led by Industrial Workers of the World. As a nurse she was intrigued by wom...
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