Margaret Fuller's View On Women

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Margaret Fuller in her essay, The Great Lawsuit: Man verse Men. Woman verse Women, and Fanny Fern in journalistic pieces like “Aunt Hetty on Matrimony” and “Hungry Husbands,” address one of the most confusing issues of the nineteenth century American ‘The Woman Question.” In their works, both authors discus about gender politics, institution of marriage and the difficulties and dynamics of male-female relationships in the twenty-first century.
For instance, Fuller argues that the statement “All men are created equal” is to be considered false because men continue to harass women and states that this statement is referred to both men and women but it’s not really being fulfilled. The author Fuller had a very transcendentalist view towards gender politics believed people should become the best they can be but she stood close to women. She advocated women’s rights and felt that women should deserve the same equality and respect that men in society receive. In Fuller’s essay one statement Fuller starts her essay with is about the compliments about marriage, “The wife praises her husban...
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