Margaret Fuller Women's Rights Analysis

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Women’s Rights Throughout history we know what we have done wrong and what wasn’t right. We look back and think how someone could ever live like this or could do such horrid things. For instance, Women’s rights, women did not have any say in their life, we were told who to marry, and couldn’t leave a marriage. Women stayed at home to cook and clean and never had a job. Women were submissive to men. Reading each assigned reading helped me understand the obstacles women had to face; it was eye opening view on how society saw women. Everyone claimed they were doing the right thing because they were following their morals, but they were not. If you don’t want something done to you, don 't do it to someone else. I 'm sure men would not want to…show more content…
Instead of getting the women’s point of view we see it from the men’s. Fuller starts off with stating that men just now notice how not all men have rights, and gave it to them. Now men just need to notice how women never had rights and it needs to be given to them as well. “As men become aware that few men have had a fair chance, they are inclined to say that no women have had a fair chance.” Yet they don’t see it that way because Fuller talks to men about women’s rights and a men freaks out because a women would be doing the same thing as him and she’ll be, “away from the cradle and the kitchen- hearth to vote at polls?” He’s disgusted with the thought. He believes that he is the head of the house and she is the heart. Which is sweet but what happens if she doesn’t want to be the heart and is unhappy? All fuller wanted for a women to see herself as “… good enough and strong enough to love one and all beings, from the fullness, not the poverty of being.” A women will not achieve that confidence if she is in lockdown at her house with her husband calling all the shots. What will make her feel confident is being able to do things on her own and have a

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