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Margaret Atwood is known for her poems, short stories, and novels such as The Circle Game, and The Tent. At an early age, she wrote, which led to a whole career full of awards and honors.

She was born on November 13, 1939 in Ottawa, Canada. At the age of six, she started to write poems, plays, comic books, and her first novel. Until the age of eleven, half of each year she would spend in the Ontario wilderness since her father was an insect scientist also known as an entomologist.

Atwood dedicated her life to writing by studying at Victoria College. She earned a bachelor's’ degree. She finished her masters’ degree by studying at Radcliffe College. She also went to Harvard University from 1962-1963 and 1965-1967.

Career: Her first work was a collection of poems called The Circle Game. Her work was translated in 30 different languages, making her writing global. Yet she published much poetry and stories, she is best known for her novels. One of many of her novels called The Edible Woman focused on women's issues. Her
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Her novels were known to show a more social expression while her poetry had a “mystery” and “personal” touch to it. She is also a talented photographer and painter. She is now updating frequently on her personal website, still writing for the public.

Awards and Honors: Margaret Atwood received more than 55 awards, including two Governor’ General's Awards for The Circle Game. One of her books became a Canadian, American, and sooner an international bestseller. She has also received the Man Booker Award, Scotiabank Giller Prize, Hammett Prize and many more.

Why I chose this poet: I decided to choose Margaret Atwood for this project because I knew she was a writer, though I haven’t read any of her work. After reading her poetic work, I felt as if she knew what I felt everyday, and her language was beautiful. Reading more and more of her poems gave me more of relief, finally someone

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